With our strategic partner, Infralinx Capital LLC, our GSIO consortium is further rounded out by their deep bench of globally footed Construction Management, Engineering, Financial Services firms and other relevant market alliances that enabled their partners to have deployed over $260 billion USD in capital and technical services support to major infrastructure development and investment project needs to all corners of the globe, largely driven via PPP models and our predecessor BOT, BOOT, DBFMO and PFI finance models.

Infralinx has offices in Greenwich, Newport, London, Frankfurt, Zurich and Warsaw. They are a proven Investment Developer with strong focus & a number of current deals in the Caribbean, and are passionately committed to important global themes such as sea rise and climate change.

Our collective interest is to identify and support macroscale PPP infrastructure & development related projects that may require technical services and CAPEX needs not easily garnered at a local level in Jamaica or the greater Caribbean region.


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